Mother’s Day Love

When I woke this morning I discovered a message on my phone. It was from my dear friend Lani, our Philippine Co-op owner. It was a declaration of love and honor for motherhood. I smiled while reading it and felt humbled by her love. I began to think of the significant mother’s in my life; my mother, my mother-in-law, Carolyn and Linda (who taught me how to mother in my early years) my wonderful sister and sisters-in-law, my daughters who are now mother’s. After thinking of all of these moms and more, I thought about all of you wonderful women, our Imperfect Naturally supporters. Many of you are mothers, or have loved like a mother, and are the driving force behind so much good in our world. Your goodness is blessing mothers and families around the world. If Lani had each of your cell numbers she would have sent you this message herself. But since she doesn’t, I will share her message with you here.

Thanks you for being the light of our home…for being the silent hero in our children’s lives. For showing unconditional love. You truly do deserve a day of honor. Happy Mother’s Day!

 Love, Lani Adalla

“Mother” by Ashanti

Pictured are Lani and her mother.

Julie Orrock