Perfect Gratitude, In an Imperfect World

    When holidays are approaching, we often take the opportunity to reflect on the gratitude we feel for what we have. As I have had the privilege to work with the amazing Creators that make our lovely products at  Imperfect Naturally, I’ve come to know the magnitude of gratitude that they feel every single day.

    These families have suffered many hardships. Nothing is ever easy for them, and most have had many struggles in life. Despite all of this, they manage to maintain a happy countenance, and a love of their family.

    In my family,  and indeed in most, tension is common this time of year. People are stressed trying to make it home for the holidays, they worry over what presents to give to each other, and  in general there seems to be a huge lack of sleep. I was humbled looking at these women, though. They have far more stresses than sleep deprivation or traveling, yet they remain close to their loved ones, and are generally happy. True, this time of year inspires a happy feeling in all of us, but how happy would we be if we faced the same circumstances as they do?

    These women don’t have little, but they are grateful for what they do have. When was the last time I felt grateful for my shoes? Shouldn’t I be a little more grateful, everyday,  for the things I do have?

    Lani is grateful for her family, and the opportunities she has. She sent us a message telling us about it.

Sister Julie, we owe everything to you. Thank you for the sincere love you are giving us. We know you have your own problems and struggles in life but you still manage to have time and strength to help us here in the Philippines. We love you so much!”

    Nannette talked to us about gratitude as well.

“I am… very grateful to know all of you, and the work I receive.”

    And finally, Gina talked to us about gratitude amidst the daily challenges in life.

Our life is full of problems and hardships but it is happy. We just need to be firm and faithful in following the flow of life.”

    As this Thanksgiving day approaches, knowing what I now know, I already feel more grateful for the things I have. I hope you can too.  But I also hope for a world where we all show more gratitude, even outside of the holiday season. Lani, Nanette, and Gina, in all that they do not have, still  thanked us for what we do. And we certainly thank them as well. Their work is truly remarkable, and their lives are an inspiration to us. We are privileged to know them, and help them to share with you the wonderful things they create. How about we all spend some time not only this holiday season, but every day, thanking others, showing our family how much we appreciate them, and serving others. And above all, let us be grateful.

Josiah Erekson

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