Wonderfully Better than Expected

Sometimes life stinks–it’s just the worst.  Murphy’s Law reigns and you’re thinking of changing the “Murphy” to your surname since you have such a personal experience with things going wrong.

But then there are those deliriously wonderful times when life is better than expected:

congratulations, you got the job
these flowers are just because
the dress fits perfectly
everyone laughed at my jokes
I didn’t trip off the ski lift

To meet Cami Buckley is life wonderfully better than expected.  She loves you already, and you couldn’t have anticipated that.  To Cami, service is love and love is service.  She says, “My biggest wish is that everyone would know that they are loved.”  How does she spread that love?  As you’d expect–through service.

We met Cami when she volunteered with us her sophomore year of high school.  She had already started her campaign to spread love.  Her senior year she was elected Girl’s President, and among other things was in charge of the Sub for Santa program.  She set a lofty goal to raise $50,000.  She said, “I went around to many businesses asking for donations and put together projects for the students at the school to help as well. We hosted concerts, went caroling, and had class competitions to help raise money for families and individuals in the two local school districts.”

Then here comes the wonderfully better than unexpected part: people in the community opened their hearts and Cami raised over $63,000, enough to not only buy Christmas gifts, but to help pay electric bills and even housing for families in need.

Christmas passed, the families had been helped and there was still money left over from the fundraiser. Cami’s efforts had paid off and life got wonderfully better than expected for more people.  Cami donated the rest of the money to worthwhile organizations.  Including us!

For Cami, spreading love has led to her life being wonderfully better than expected.  She says, “One of the most rewarding moments came when I was speaking with a blind woman and she said that she admired how I spoke with a smile and how it had touched her. That meant the absolute world to me.  Being told that my smile brightened someone’s day was and is truly the greatest thing I could hear!”

Murphy’s Law is still a thing.  Loaves of bread with continue to not rise, fingernail polish will be used as paint by small children and occasionally traffic lights won’t oblige.  But you can counterbalance that by looking for ways to serve others and thereby making life for you and others a little more wonderfully better than expected.

We’d love to hear how life has been wonderfully better than expected for you! Tell us by leaving a comment below so we can celebrate with you.

Julie Orrock

2 thoughts on “Wonderfully Better than Expected

  1. Sara Stout says:

    I recently had a dietary major setback. I was diagnosed with celiac disease and I’m a baking addict. I went to Costco the week I was diagnosed and was shocked to see a bag of gluten free flour. I have visited that isle over a hundred times and know that bag wasn’t there before…but there it was; a simply powerful blessing.

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